Amazing Gift Ideas

Our Antler Rings, Camo Rings, and pieces are a great gift for anniversary's, wedding day, birthday's, fathers day, etc. or as a self made purchase to remind you who you are thoughout the day and what you really live for, when you are faced with some of life's daunting challenges, especially at work.

For our Antler Rings, we love to shed hunt ourselves, and use those raw materials in our Deer Antler Rings. Keep an eye on our blog for our own adventures!

We make you the King or Queen of Gift Giving: Need a great gift idea? Why not let Father and Son or Grandpa and Grandson get matching rings? Wouldn't that be cool? Or Mom, you may hunt too. Get a ring for the whole family to celebrate your connection to the wild and love for hunting!



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Size with a Jeweler

Size with a reputable jeweler or two and come to a conclusion on your correct size. There should also be a slight degree of resistance when going over the knuckle.

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