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Caring for Your Ring


Camo and Deer Antler Rings should be kept out of direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold for any long periods of time, and should be removed when using strong chemicals and other abrasive substances (including hand sanitizer). They should also be removed when washing hands, showering, swimming, dishwashing, or partaking in any water activities. As with most jewelry, we would advise that you remove your ring when you plan on doing anything that may cause harm to the jewelry, including physical labor or heavy lifting. Also, if the ring fits too tight and it is a struggle to remove the ring, this can cause damage. These rings are made from natural and organic materials, and should be treated with special care. 

Our bead rings and antler cuffs are not coated in resin, which means that they require additional care and can not be exposed to any water or abrasive substances or damage can occur.

Remember, these rings are not like metal rings, which can be worn all the time. These rings require extra care.  If you purchase a ring, you must be willing to follow the care instructions in order to prevent damage and ensure long lasting quality.  Failure to follow these instructions can lead to damage.



If you find that it's a bit dirty, you can we recommend to just rubbing with a dry, soft cloth.  It it is significantly dirty, you can use a damp cloth to clean, then dry it immediately and throughly to prevent any damage to the antler grain or resin.