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Video Review Review:
By taking part, you allow us to have the right to use your reviews on our website and social media so that people can get a real take from real people about our products and company.
What to do:
1) Use your smartphone and have a friend or family member record you on video doing a 30-50 second video that reviews the product and follows these guidelines:
A) Announce your first name, where you are from, and that you bought this Camo or Deer Antler ring from
A1) Make sure you tell us exactly what ring model you have. Tell us who you bought it for and if it was for a special occasion or a gift. If its for yourself, you can say that too! The names of each ring are listed on our website here:
B) Tell us at least 3 things that you like about the product - some things that we like to point out are that our products are high quality, durable, unique designs, fair price, natural materials, etc. Just be honest and say what you like about it.
C) Wear the product so that it is visible, and show it in the video at some point. It doesn't have to be right up close, but show that you are wearing it.
**Speak clearly, make sure lighting is good for the video, and make sure your voice is heard well on the audio portion of the clip after you record. If you don't like how you did, try it again. The key is to make a good video and RELAX!  

Thanks for participating, and we are very happy to have you as a customer!


Carl B. TEAM