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The Shenandoah

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About This Ring:

By demand, we have made our first 6MM Women's Deer Antler Ring! Great as an engagement ring, and even more popular as a stylish wedding band, or casual ring for her! Gorgeous women's pearl white colored ring highlights a classy, fun, and beautiful style. Great for women that hunt, or those that just appreciate a unique piece of jewelry. A brilliant white coloration and real antler make this ring 100% unique and something that people notice in an instant. What a beautiful match for that white wedding dress! Order yours today to get it in time for the big day or that special occasion. Christmas is on the way! Order soon!

About Our Rings:

What makes our rings different? Many Antler Rings are not treated with a seal and layer of protection, and that completely exposes them. We protect ours with a seal. With natural and organic materials (Deer Antler), it's so important to protect them so that they receive the longest life possible. In fact, you'll want to keep this ring out of water, out of sunlight for long periods of time, and take it off when doing heavy lifting, or anything that may harm the ring. Remember, this ring is made with natural materials and it's important to take precautions and good care of it.

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**All Antler rings are 100% unique and will have a unique coloration from the specific Deer Antler which they were harvested from. The ring may look different from this image. Some shades will be lighter, and some darker with mixed coloration. Customers love the uniqueness, and the fact that they are getting a truly one of a kind ring made of organic products.

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