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The Burtchell (SS Straight Razor)

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Product Description

Not sharp enough for actual use. If not treating this as a collectible and plan to use: Please sharpen by a professional and use at your own risk.

About This Product:

Straight Razor
Material: Stainless Steel & Stag Antler
Color/Finish: Silver Blade 

Other Benefits For You:

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  • All Antlers Sourced Humanely - we only use naturally SHED ANTLERS!

Antler Grain Color:  Just as each antler is 100% unique in texture and color, every product we make with antler will also be unique. Therefore, the color of the grain featured in the photo may be different from the one you receive. Some shades will be lighter/white, some will be darker, and some will be a mixture of both.  HOWEVER, If you have a strong preference for the shade of antler grain, please include this information in the Special Instructions box, which can be found after you add the ring to your cart just below the picture of the product. When we fulfill orders, we will go through our currently available stock to find the one that best suits your preference. Also, since this is a natural product, we cannot guarantee perfection (that’s part of what we feel to be the appeal of using material from the wild!!) or that the grain will be 100% the same around the entire handle, it's impossible! But we promise to always do our best to ensure that you get the products you'll love!

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