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The Mojave

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$ 225.00

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Product Description

THE MOJAVE Antler Ring is named after and inspired by the Mojave Desert, which is the driest desert in North America. This place is factually known as one of the most difficult deserts to adventure, meaning it takes a lot to survive day-to-day. We created this ring as a symbol of strength to stand up to life’s challenges. The sandblasted gray tungsten next to the natural grain of the antler is like that of the rain shadow areas of the desert. This ring is a reminder that the strongest survive even the harshest weather. 

About This Ring

  • Material: Grain Colored Antler, Cross Brushed Matte Tungsten
  • Width: 8mm
  • Color: Gun Metal Grey

Other Benefits For You:

  • FREE ACTIVITY BAND with Purchase (a $55 value) - Stainless Steel Matte Grey or Black.
  • If you initially order the wrong size, NO PROBLEM, we'll exchange it FOR FREE!
  • Buy with Trust - Thousands of Happy Customers! See our Verified Customer Reviews by clicking the "Testimonials" tab!
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  • "Rock Solid Warranty Policy" - Included with purchase, no extra fees!
  • All Antlers Sourced Humanely - we only use naturally SHED ANTLERS!




    Please Note: 

    • TEXTURE: The construction of this ring does not allow for a thick layer of resin to be applied.  Therefore, you will be able to feel some of the texture of the antler.  This should not cause any quality issues as long as you care for your ring as instructed on our website and on the card included in the package with the ring.
    • ANTLER GRAIN COLOR: All Antler Rings are 100% unique and will have a unique coloration from the specific Antler which they were harvested from. The ring may look different from this image. Some shades will be lighter, and some darker with mixed coloration. Customers love the uniqueness, and the fact that they are getting a truly one of a kind ring made of organic products.

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