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The Mt. Rainier

MSRP:$ 404.99

$ 269.99

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Product Description

THE MT. RAINIER is a stunning combination of Rosewood with an antler inlay on top of a sandblasted tungsten band. Lewis and Clark were the original trailblazers. Pioneers and explorers who change the landscape of our future are heroes for their bravery and their discoveries. Without their contribution we wouldn't know the wonderful world we live in to it's full extent. May we all have the spirit of Lewis and Clark in our hearts every day. Because every day is a new opportunity to blaze new trails of your own. In love and life, we hope that you have an open heart and mind for the beauty that is ready to be found. The elements harmoniously diverge to create this one of a kind piece of jewelry. 


We will continue to sell it until we no longer have any stock left, but after a size is out of stock, it will no longer be available. Since supplies are limited, so don't hesitate purchasing one of these beauties today! 

About This Ring: 

The outside of the ring features Rosewood on two sides, and Deer Antler in the middle portion. The outside is coated with a protective water resistant resin to protect the ring. The interior is set with a beautiful sandblasted grey tungsten band which offsets the brown/white colors beautifully and makes this ring a one of a kind.

Material: Sandblasted Grey Tungsten (inner band), Rosewood (dual sides) & Antler
Width: Men's Standard 8mm


Other Benefits For You:

  • FREE ACTIVITY BAND with Purchase (a $55 value) - Stainless Steel Matte Grey or Black.
  • If you initially order the wrong size, NO PROBLEM, we'll exchange it FOR FREE!
  • Buy with Trust - Thousands of Happy Customers! See our Verified Customer Reviews by clicking the "Testimonials" tab!
  • Ready to ship FAST, so that you don't have to wait!
  • "Rock Solid Warranty Policy" - Included with purchase, no extra fees!
  • All Antlers Sourced Humanely - we only use naturally SHED ANTLERS!

Important Things to Note About This Ring: 

  • TEXTURE: The construction of this ring does not allow for a thick layer of resin to be applied.  Therefore, you will likely be able to feel some of the texture of the antler.  This should not cause any quality issues as long as you care for your ring as instructed on our website and on the card included in the package with the ring. 
  • ANTLER GRAIN COLOR: Just as each antler is 100% unique in texture and color, every product made with antler will also be unique. Therefore, the color of the grain featured in the ring pictured may be different from the one you receive. Some shades will be lighter/whiter, some will be darker, and some will be a mixture of both.

    If you have a strong preference for the shade of antler grain, please include this information in the Special Instructions box, which can be found after you add the ring to your cart just below the picture of the product. When we fulfill orders, we will go through our current batch of rings to find the ring that best suits your preference. If we do not currently have any rings in stock that fit your request, we will contact you to discuss alternate options. This may include waiting until the next batch of rings are ready to see if the color of antler you prefer is available. However, please be aware that this may delay the delivery of your ring. Also, since this is a natural product, we can not and will not guarantee perfection (that’s part of what we feel to be the appeal of using material from the wild) or that the grain will be 100% consistent around the entire ring, but we promise to always do our best to ensure that you get the ring that you love. Order Now to get it in time for the big day, Father's Day, his birthday, or other special events!

Questions about sizing? Please check out our FAQ page for details and important guidance.

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