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Product Description

This ring showcases a beautiful outer band structure of Antler, Polished Tungsten and Koa Wood, which is a beautiful color contrast of natural materials. That portion lays on the outer part of the band, whereas the interior is a Tungsten Carbide metal with a polished look to it. A great combination for someone looking for a unique piece with natural materials!

About This Ring

Material: Koa Wood & Antler coated with resin and Silver Tungsten Carbide
Width: Men's Standard 8mm

Please Note: 

  • TEXTURE: The construction of this ring does not allow for a thick layer of resin to be applied.  Therefore, you will be able to feel some of the texture of the wood and/or antler.  This should not cause any quality issues as long as you care for your ring as instructed on our website and on the card included in the package with the ring. 
  • ANTLER GRAIN COLOR: All Antler Rings are 100% unique and will have a unique coloration from the specific Antler which they were harvested from. The ring may look different from this image. Some shades will be lighter, and some darker with mixed coloration. Customers love the uniqueness, and the fact that they are getting a truly one of a kind ring made of organic products.

Questions about sizing? Please check out our FAQ page for details and important guidance.

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