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Tungsten Carbide, Red Dinosaur Bone, Beveled Edge - 4mm & 8mm Available

$ 499.99

Product Description

This one-of-a-kind ring is created with a 230+ million year aged dinosaur bone inlay. A ring like this is the perfect symbolism of love and commitment to last the ages! The fossil is firstly cut and then surrounded by an ultra durable and scratch resistant, polished tungsten. The coloring in this particular fossil that's used to produce this unique ring, has a red and brown-ish earth tone to it which is caused by the minerals that slowly renewed the bone's original quality. Please note: the color of the fossil featured in each ring may be differently colored than the one pictured. These rings are comfort fit, and are available in both 4mm & 8mm width at this time. Enjoy this elegant piece of ancient history while creating your own lasting memories!
BRAND NEW: Genuine and authentic RED dinosaur bone ring inlaid Tungsten Carbide beveled edge ring. 4mm and 8mm available for him & her!
**Please order 8 weeks in advance as this is a custom ring**
About This Dinosaur Bone:  
All Dinosaur Bone is genuine, sourced and excavated in the USA. Our supplier makes bulk purchases and hand selects the particular fossils used. We are not given any certifications when these rings arrive back to us after production. Although, all the dinosaur bone is excavated in the US, it is impossible to know the exact dinosaur the bone comes from as it is to broken down basically to the cellular level, this then creates the unique circles in our rings.. To know the dinosaur would mean that it is museum grade which we cannot sell. The color comes from a process called agatization. The soil that the bone is buried in colors the bone. These rings are Mesozoic, and a rare piece of earth's far reaching history.

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