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Steve vs. Arizona Bull Elk - Down for the Count

Steve is a recent customer of ours who took down this beautiful Bull Elk! This was a heck of a chance at a once in a lifetime hunt. In Arizona, Elk tags are HARD to come by to say the least. Steve has put in for a tag for the past 23 years, and this year, got his 3rd chance for the big score. 

He was pleasantly surprised when he crossed paths with this huge bull. Steve lost his wedding ring while he was quartering this Bull!!! So, thankfully he knew where to turn to replace his wedding band because his wife said he needed to get a replacement wedding band SOON! Cheers to Steve and his once in a lifetime hunt!

Cool facts about Elk: 

  • Elk will occasionally eat meat! Yes, that's right. Typically nesting birds and their eggs, nothing too crazy.
  • Elk are faster than most horses. Yep, about 45-55mph.
  • Elk can vertical leap over 8 feet.
  • Elk can breed with a Red Deer!
  • Mountain Wolves love to eat Elk - they are the favorite choice for dining.
  • Mountain Lion kill more Elk than any other predator