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Awesome Ring!
"Awesome ring with real Deer Antler! Easily the coolest and most significant piece of jewelry that I've ever owned!"
I Can't Wait To Get My Rings!!
I have wanted these for so long!!!
Oh My Goodness!!!
I haven't even received my ring yet and I am already impressed. Just submitting my order I got a confirmation email and right after that I received my shipment email. I guess it's already on its way ! Wow cannot wait to see how it looks in person!!!
I Love This Ring
This ring is way to awesome fits my husband perfectly it feels like he does not even have a ring on I highly recommend this ring for any man in your life its very light weight and the camo tree design on the ring is perfect and really matches well...

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Deer Antler Rings, Camo Wedding Bands and more Hunting Gifts and Jewelry for Men and Women


We are outdoors people. Men and Women who know what it feels like to hunt, fish, hike, work the land, play in the wild, enjoy the sights and sounds of the wilderness, and just BE ONE with nature. And that is just scratching the surface. 

Men: You are a mans man, and need jewelry that will fit your rugged lifestyle, and show who you are without being too pretty. We give you the solution to wear unique hand made jewelry that expresses the outdoorsman in you in a manly, and subdued way, made with natural materials. 

Ladies: You know the outdoors, and your man does too. You appreciate the outdoor way of life, and you exhibit that style in your day. Whether you wear your boots, or jewelry, you know the culture. Soon, we will have Antler Necklaces, and more for women in addition to our current lineup of Deer Antler and Camo Rings.


We are your go to source for Deer Antler Rings, Antler Wedding Bands & Jewelry, Camo Wedding Rings for him and her, Engagement Rings, Pink Camo Rings, and more Unique Designs that connect you with nature! Some of these items are in the works, being designed and crafted. Others have already been made, and are here for you now.

We will be working on fine tuning our website, continuously holding giveaways on our email list and Facebook Page, and designing ring and jewelry styles that fit in with our way of life, life in The Wild.

Please share our website, facebook page, and instagram account with friends, family, and associates who also show a true appreciation and respect for the outdoor lifestyle.

Keep your eyes out for Antler Rings made of Trophy size Shed Antlers from Whitetail, Elk, Mule Deer, Axis, Stag, and more.

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Deer Antler Wedding Rings | Whitetail Deer Antler Ring | Elk Antler Ring | Mule Deer Antler Rings

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