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Frequently Asked Questions

For standard/free shipping, generally, from the day you place your order, it typically takes 3-8 business days (Mon. - Fri.) to arrive at most domestic locations.  However, this timeline is not guaranteed by USPS and there may be unforeseen delays (especially during holiday season and after natural disasters).  


**PLEASE NOTE**  Due to recent issues experienced by USPS, there have been more delays than previously seen.  Therefore, please allow more time for shipping if you choose a shipping option through USPS, including free shipping and priority mail. 

The timeline for our Comanche, Apache, 14K Gold Collection, Dinosaur Bone Rings is different.  

  • Comanche & Apache:  These rings typically take 2-4 weeks for arrival to most domestic locations. 
  • 14K Gold & Dinosaur Bone Rings: These rings are custom made after the order is placed.  It typically takes 8-10 weeks to arrive at most domestic locations.   

The timeline for expedited orders of products that are in stock are as follows: 

  1. USPS Priority Mail:  2-5 business days (Mon. - Fri.).  This includes 1 business day for processing the order and 1-3 days for shipping.
  2. USPS Priority Mail Express: 1-3 business days (Mon. - Fri.).  This includes 1 business day for processing the order and 1-2 days for shipping. 
  3. UPS Next Day: 1-2 business days (Mon. - Fri.).  This includes 1 business day for process the order and 1 day for shipping.  


**Orders placed after 4:30pm CST on weekdays will not be shipped until the next business day.  Orders placed after 12 pm CST on Saturday, will not be shipped until the following Monday at the earliest. We do not ship orders on Sundays or Holidays.

International orders generally take anywhere from 7-30 business days to arrive depending on how long it takes them to pass through customs.  The timelines for expedited international order are only the time for shipping and do not include timelines for Customs or US Fish & Wildlife Dept. Reviews since these timelines are unknown. 


**We do not ship on Sundays or Holidays.  Orders can take longer to arrive during the holidays or when there is a delay with the post office.**

If the product you select is out of stock, this will also cause a delay in the timelines noted above. We do our absolute best to keep the website up to date to reflect the sizes that are out of stock and provide projected timelines. If the website is not up to date and we notify you via email right away.

PLEASE NOTE: Our preferred provider of shipping services is the United States Postal Service (USPS) and all packages are shipped via first class mail, unless the order is expedited or a request is made by the customer in advance of shipping. We will ensure that packages are shipped using the method selected/paid for by the customer; however, we are not able to guarantee the services of USPS, nor can we be held responsible for any errors made by USPS or for lost/stolen packages after the package has been marked as delivered on the USPS website. We also can not be held responsible for errors made by international mail services or for lost/stolen packages once they have been tracked as delivered.  If you would prefer a different shipping provider be used or additional services such as insurance, priority mail status, or signature required, please let us know by email immediately after you place your order and add a comment as you are checking out. If there are any additional fees related to your request, we will let you know at that time.  If any issues arise after the package has been tracked as delivered, please contact USPS or your local mail service responsible for the delivery first.  If any additional information or action is needed from our part after you have contact the shipping provider, please let us know and we will do our best to help. 

We also cannot be held responsible for any delays in receipt of the ring(s) due to errors in shipping address entered by the customer. The shipping address used will be exactly as entered by the customer when checking out. If you discover an error in shipping address after you have placed your order, please contact us immediately and, if the package has not already been shipped, we can correct the error.

To help ensure that the person wearing the ring be sized correctly, they must be sized by at least 2 reputable jewelers and make sure they agree upon the size. Tell all jewelers that you need to be sized for a comfort fit ring and the width that you are ordering! These are important pieces of information and will affect the fit and feel of the ring and ultimately, will affect the size you choose.

Our rings are comfort fit, which means the interior of the ring is domed rather than flat like standard fit rings. This means only the center part of the ring will be tight against the finger.  For example, if you order an 8mm width, only about 3mm will be tight against your finger.  This helps create less friction and makes it easier to slide over your knuckle.  

General Tips: 

  • Size After Five - Finger size can fluctuate a full size during the day.  Joints tend to be the most swollen during the morning and throughout the day, especially if it's hot.  It's suggested that you measure your finger in the evening. 
  • Twist - The correct size should twist once or twice to go over the knuckle.  If the ring is too loose, you risk the ring falling off if your finger is wet or if it is very cold outside. 
  • Swelling - Some foods and alcohol are notorious for causing swelling in your fingers (especially food with a lot of sodium or MSG, such as pizza and chinese food).  Hot temperatures also can cause swelling. It's recommended to avoid these foods and high temperatures prior to being sized. 
  • Comfort Fit - It's recommended to use a narrow ringer sizer (about 3mm in width) when being fit for comfort fit bands since only a small portion will be tight on your finger. 

Following the guidelines and tips above, will help you select the correct size, but will not guarantee it. We will do our absolute best to ensure you receive the size you order by measuring it once when the ring is made and again when before the ring is mailed. However, since all orders are placed online and we are unable to confirm the right size is selected, we must rely on the customer to select the correct size. We cannot be held responsible if the incorrect size is selected by the customer, even if we are asked for our opinion.

Follow our resizing instructions HERE and we'll take care of the rest! 

Please Note: There is a $20 Shipping & Handling Fee for returns to cover the shipping costs along with the operational costs to restock. Activity Bands MUST be returned in order to qualify for a refund. If not, the cost of the activity band will be deducted from the Total Refund Amount in addition to the $20 Restocking Fee.


We know that ordering the correct size for a product online can be difficult for so many reasons.  Therefore, we will waive the first resizing fee.  This will allow you to try on the ring and be remeasured by jewelers as needed.  


There is a $20 fee for any size exchanges thereafter, even if you were remeasured by a jeweler for reason noted in the paragraph below. Our policy is to only waive any resizing fee after the first one if we made a mistake and the incorrect size was provided.  However, we find that the majority of our customers (~90%) get the correct size the first time and only a very, very small percentage need their ring resized a second time (estimated 2%), so it is rare that a resizing fee would need to be paid.  


There have been instances of couples that have had their finger sized by a local jeweler(s) only to find that the ring is not a perfect fit. This may not be the fault of any party involved, but it is important to understand that some jewelers use different methods when determining ring sizes. Often times, jewelers use thin metal ring sizing sets and the majority of these sizers are not rounded on the inside like a comfort-fit band, so the fit and feel is different and can affect the size you choose. Additionally, your finger fluctuates in size during the day due to temperature, diet, activities etc. The time of year can also contribute to the ring feeling: tighter in the warmer months and looser in the winter months. This is why we inform all of our customers to have at least 2 jewelers fit them for a comfort fit  band and ensure they agree upon a size.

We have stand-in options for you. You can get a similar ring from us, for no extra charge (just pay shipping) and you'll have a cool ring for the day of while we finish up your actual wedding band.

Everything is automated. You'll receive an email once we receive your order, once your order has been shipped, and again once your order has been delivered. In between, please do not hesitate to contact us for further updates, if needed. We know wedding timelines are stressful, and we are here to do our best to reduce your stress!

Unfortunately, we do not accept antlers from customers. We find that we are better able to guarantee quality of we hand-select the antlers use.

All 'In Stock' and 'Made To Order' rings do come with a warranty. For further information, CLICK HERE

All 'Last Call' rings do not come with a warranty. 

We have an awesome customer service team ready to help! Our phone and online chat services are available from 9am-5pm CST Monday-Friday, and from 9am-12pm CST on Saturday's. To reach us via telephone, our direct phone number is 737.209.0452. If you would prefer to email us directly, our email turnaround is typically within a few hours - 1 business day (at the latest). For more information, click HERE to contact us! 

We certainly do. Click HERE to see our pre-built couples sets! If you do not see a pair that perfectly suits your preference, all of our rings are able to be purchased separately throughout the website. We like to let our customers have the option to build their own set. 

All Antlers are unique in nature, and that is the beauty of what makes our rings so special. That is also stated on all of our Antler Ring product pages. If you are not happy with the color, we may work with you on replacing it, if we are able. But, in most cases, we have spent the effort producing the ring, and typically will not release another one unless there are quality issues. We apologize for the inconvenience, but this is rarely a problem.

We are not able to do engraving. However, we find that it is better to ensure the ring fits and then take to a local jeweler for engraving.

We do not at this time, but we are coming out with new designs, so please keep checking in!

Yes we do. Orders are charged a fee of $112.  We understand that this fee is high and the rational is to cover costs of US Fish & Wildlife inspection fees for any antler product leaving the country. Inspection is mandatory for shipping antler products internationally every time, including for size exchanges.  This fee does not include duties or custom fees which may be incurred from your home country.  These fees will be your responsibility and will be billed directly by the delivery company. Many times these fees will be required prior to the delivery of the package (even though the package sometimes shows up as delivered on the website). 


If you are able to ship the product(s) to a trusted individual in the US, the shipping fee can be avoided. 


Please plan extra time if you are ordering internationally.  For additional information regarding shipping services and/or timelines, please see the first question on this page. 

Unfortunately, after the order is placed, we can make no adjustments to the payment. We also do not provide refunds for unused promo codes after the order is completed. If you are having an issue with the promo code when checking out, please contact us PRIOR to completing your order. 


Additionally, if a promotion is not active at the time the order is placed (because either it had expired or it became active after the order was finalized), it can't be applied to your order.  Refunds will not be provided. (a company of SureFire Creative LLC) is a small business located in Austin, TX which process all orders through the Internet.  We do not meet the requirements for collecting sales tax in some states.  However, even though we do not collect sales tax, you (the purchaser) may be required to pay tax to the state you reside in, depending on their laws.  Below is information for states which may require that you report and pay taxes on your purchase.

ALABAMA RESIDENTS (a company of SureFire Creative LLC) does not collect sales taxes in Alabama.  Under Alabama law, purchases made online are not exempt from sales and use tax.  For more information regarding Alabama's reporting requirements, please click on the following link: Don't Forget To Include the Tax on Online Purchases


Prior to February 2019, (a company of SureFire Creative LLC) will not be collecting sales tax.  After February 1, 2019, please check your confirmation email to determine if sales tax was collected.


Under Colorado law, purchases are not tax-exempt merely because they were made over the internet or because a seller is not required to collect Colorado tax. Colorado law requires Colorado purchasers to review untaxed purchases and, if any tax is owed, file a Colorado use tax return and pay any tax due. Visit for more information.


If sales tax was not collected at the time of the sale and we do not meet de minimus thresholds outlined in Rule 39-21-112(3.5), Colorado requires us to send an Annual Customer Notification letter to any customers that have spent $500 or more in the past year with our company. If required, the Annual Customer Report will be sent to all applicable customers by no later than January 31 of the year after the sale occurred and will summarize all of purchases made through in the previous calendar year.  This will help you file your Colorado use tax return.  Please be aware that, if we do not meet de minimus thresholds, we are required to provide the Colorado Department of Revenue with an annual statement that will include your name, billing and shipping address, and the total dollar amount of your purchases. We will not provide any details about your purchases from us.  (Note - We met 2019 de minimus thresholds, so Annual Customer Notifications and the Annual Statement are not required.)


TENNESSEE RESIDENTS (a company of SureFire Creative LLC) does not collect sales taxes in Tennessee.  Under Tennessee law, purchases made online are not exempt from sales and use tax.  For more information regarding Tennessee's reporting requirements, please click on the following links:


VERMONT RESIDENTS (a company of SureFire Creative LLC) is not required to, and does not, collect Vermont sales or use tax. Under Vermont law, purchases are not tax-exempt merely because they were made over the internet or because a seller is not required to collect Vermont tax. Vermont law requires Vermont purchasers to review untaxed purchases and, if any tax is owed, it must be paid on your tax return.Visit more information. If you have spent over $500 with our store, you'll receive a separate summary at the beginning of the next year showing the total amount paid, which can be used for tax reporting purposes.


HAWAII RESIDENTS (a company of SureFire Creative LLC) does not collect use taxes in Hawaii. Under Hawaii law, purchases made online are not exempt from use tax. For more information regarding Hawaii's reporting requirements, please refer to the Hawaii Department of Taxation's website (


PUERTO RICO RESIDENTS (a company of SureFire Creative LLC) does not collect use taxes in Puerto Rico. Under Puerto Rico law, purchases made online are not exempt from use tax. For more information regarding Puerto's reporting requirements, please click on the following link: