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Here at we strive to do our best to make your experience a great one, we really do. We will work together with you to make sure that you find what you need, and are taken care of as best we possibly can. We truly care about our customers, and we hope that our previous customer testimonials (see far right side of page) and accolades help to assure you of that!  Below are some additional qualities that set us apart...
From the date the ring is delivered to you via the postal service tracking information, you have 14 days to NOTIFY US that you would like to return the ring for a refund and we must receive the ring within 30 days. After 14 days from the original date of delivery, cash refunds are no longer available, even if weddings are canceled or delayed. If you notify us after 14 days, however we can exchange for other products as long as there are no signs of wear or damage to the ring. 
You are liable for the return shipping charge, which will be minimal based on the size and weight of our rings. When returning your ring, please send to the following address in a padded envelope (you can use the original packaging, if it is in good shape) with tracking and a note regarding your request for a return and the reason.

P.O. Box 170837
Austin, TX 78717

PLEASE NOTE: Refunds will not be provided under the following circumstances
  • If the products shows signs of being worn (such as scratches on the resin or dings/scratches in the metal), damaged, or has been altered.
  • If a product is personalized (such as a ring box), it can not be returned for a refund, unless the product is broken upon receipt or a mistake was made on our part with the personalization. 

All refunds are made back to the credit card used in the original purchase.  We cannot enter new credit card or account information as a safety measure.  If your original card or account has been closed, please contact us for more information. 

All rings that need to be exchanged for a new size will be done for FREE on the first attempt, as long as the ring shows no signs of wear or damage. Buyer pays postage to ship back to us. See below for instructions.

If the ring requires more than one size exchange, there will be a fee of $20. The vast majority of our customers will never pay a resize fee of $20, so don't worry too much about that. If you need guidance on how to select the correct size, please see our FAQ page.

Rings returned for a new size MUST NOT show any signs of being worn (such as scratches in the resin or metal), damaged, or being altered. We inspect each ring prior to being shipped to customers and upon receipt under a bright light and scratches on resin and/or metal (especially titanium) can be easily seen, if ring has been worn. This ensures no rings with signs of wear or damage ever go back into our stock and worn/damaged rings are never sent to customers. If the rings does show signs of being worn, there will be an additional fee of $30. If we find signs of wear or damage upon receipt and the $30 fee has not been paid in advance, we will reach out via email prior to the size exchange being processed.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: Please be aware that there will be no charge for the first size exchange; however, there are additional fees associated with shipping antler products internationally that must be paid (for more information on why these fees are in place, please see our FAQ page). Please reach out to us prior to returning your ring and we will provide more details at that time.

Please Note:
  • We do not make alterations or repairs to the original rings received. Instead, we send new rings in the correct size. 
  • Any rings that are damaged or altered are not eligible for resizing. If the ring is damaged, please refer to our warranty policies below. 
  • We do not send a confirmation or email when your package arrives; however, we will send an email with tracking information once the exchange is completed and the ring is shipped back to you. 

If you ordered the wrong size, follow the two steps below. Once we receive the ring back in the mail, we will begin working on the correct size, and then send the new ring to you ASAP.

1) Return your ring (via - costs about $3 or your preferred carrier) in a padded envelope to:
P.O. Box 170837
Austin, TX 78717

**Make sure to put a note inside the return envelope with your name or order number, and the new size that you need**

2) If this is your first size exchange and the ring shows no signs of wear or damage, skip this step. If this is not your first size exchanged and/or if the ring shows signs of wear or damage, please pay applicable fees noted above.
  • To pay $20 fee for size exchanges after first attempt and instructions on return, click HERE
  • To pay $30 fee for worn/damaged rings and instructions on return, click HERE

3) Once we receive the ring we will exchange the ring for a new one in the correct size ASAP. The typical timeline to process the exchange is 1-2 business day and shipping normally takes 5-8 business days (ofter quicker). If you need the ring quickly, please let us know and we can work with you.
The deer antler and wood inlay is covered by a 90 day warranty (from date of receipt) from any wear and tear. If the ring has a structural issue within this time frame, we will fix it for free. We limit the warranty to 90 days from the date of delivery because we cannot control the activities that people are partaking in with their rings on or storage conditions. The Tungsten, Titanium, and Damascus Steel are guaranteed, should not break, and are covered with a Lifetime Warranty, with a small replacement fee if it does break. If the metal used on any of our rings breaks, we will replace the ring for a small fee of $30, plus taxes and shipping. Scratches and normal signs of wear are not covered.

After 90 days (from date of receipt) if your deer antler inlay, wood, and/or resin coating is damaged, we truly offer you peace of mind, and do our best to give all that we can to keep you as a happy customer! If your deer antler inlay, wood, and/or resin coating is damaged or broken after 90 days, but within one year of your date of purchase, we will replace your ring with a new one for only $30, plus taxes and shipping. If your deer antler inlay, wood, and/or resin coating is damaged or broken within 3 years of purchase, but over 1 year, we will replace your ring for only $60, plus taxes and shipping. This is our way of showing our customers that we truly care about you, and want you to wear our awesome deer antler rings for a lifetime!

The cubic zirconia on the engagement bands is also covered by this warranty. If there is any damage or if the stone comes loose within the first 90 days after the date of delivery, we'll replace the ring for free. After the first 90 days and through the first year, the fee for a replacement ring is $30. If the stone is damaged or comes loose between 1-3 years, the fee for the replacement ring is $60. PLEASE NOTE: A small rattling sound may exist and not be indicative of an issue. However, if there is a significant rattle, the stone is visibly loose, or falls out, please notify us right away.

Links to pay replacement fees and instructions on returning the damage ring can be found here:

Please Note:
If any alterations have been made to the ring by an outside source, the warranty will be voided.
We do not make alterations or repairs to the original rings received. Instead, we send new rings.
If multiple rings are damaged, the guidelines and fees for replacements are applicable for each ring.

We provide on of the best return and exchange policies for our 14k Gold rings. Customers have 15 days to notify us if they would like to return, less shipping and engraving fees. The refund period begins on the date the order is received by the customer. This means we will return the funds back to you. Rings that have been engraved can be returned for a refund.


Our 14k Gold rings come with a 25 day exchange period. During this time frame customers may return the ring for a different style and/or size. If there is any price difference, it will be refunded. After 25 days the rings are automatically covered under the lifetime warranty. This means size exchanges will be allowed for as long as the the end user owns the ring. Rings cannot be exchanged for a different style after the 25 day period.

Free Lifetime Warranty

Our jewelry are made to the highest standards using quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Our 14k Gold ring products are guaranteed to be free of defects. Any jewelry that fails to meet our standards of excellence will be replaced under our warranty. If your ring cracks or breaks from accidental damage, it will also be replaced under our warranty terms. To request warranty work, simply contact the us. We will work to get your ring replaced, if there is a confirmed defect or size exchange. If your ring style is no longer being made, a similar style may be substituted.
Any third party alterations to the ring, except for engraving, will void the warranty. We will replace the ring only. Any engraving or custom work will have to be redone, at the customer's expense. Warranty does not cover normal wear, including scratches, as rings are scratch resistant, not scratch proof. is not responsible for any sentimental value of the original jewelry. Shipping fees are the customers responsibility after the original purchase. There is a $50 warranty fee for gold rings after 45 days..

All rings are refundable within 25 days of the date shipped. Refunds do not cover engravings, custom fees, or shipping.

Lifetime Sizing Warranty will exchange your ring for a different size for as long as you own the ring. Simply contact us to arrange a size exchange.

Size exchanges are free within 25 days of receiving the initial order. After 25 days the cost is $35 per exchange. Any engraving or custom work will have to be redone, at the customer's expense. Warranty does not cover normal wear, including scratches, as rings are scratch resistant, not scratch proof. is not responsible for any sentimental value of the original jewelry.

Please Note:
- Warranty does not cover normal wear, including scratches.
- Warranty applies to original purchaser only and is not transferable.
- Alterations to the ring, excluding engraving, will void the warranty.
- Warranty does not cover redoing engraving, only replacement of the ring.
- Shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.
- is not responsible for the sentimental or intrinsic value of the original ring.
- Ring can only be replaced for the exact same style and width.
- may substitute a similar style in case a certain ring style has been discontinued.
All Antler Knives come with a Limited 1 Year Warranty. We will replace any knives that have any metal breaks, or Antler breaks. Please do not drop your knife. Cracks in Antler are not covered under this warranty. Please keep your knife from sitting water or rainfall. Rust is not covered under this warranty. Please oil your knife regularly with mineral oil or any standard knife oil to avoid rust. Treat your knife with care to ensure a long life, as these knives are made with natural and organic materials.
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