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At we strive to do our best to make your experience a great one, we really do. We will work together with you to make sure that you find what you need, and are taken care of as best we possibly can. We truly care about our customers, and we hope that our previous customer testimonials (see far right side of page) and accolades help to assure you of that! 


If for any reason you are unhappy with our product, please contact us right away with your concerns and we will work with you to replace it or refund your money.  From the date the ring is delivered to you via the postal service tracking information, you have 14 days to notify us that you would like to return the ring for a refund. After 14 days from the original date of delivery, cash refunds are no longer available, even if weddings are canceled or delayed. If you notify us after 14 days, however we can exchange for other products.

You are liable for the return shipping charge, which will be minimal based on the size and weight of our rings.  When returning your ring, please send to the following address in a padded envelope (you can use the original packaging, if it is in good shape) with tracking and a note regarding your request for a return and the reason. 

13239 Briar Hollow Dr. 
Austin, TX 78729


**PLEASE NOTE:  Refunds will not be provided under the following circumstances:**

  • If the products shows signs of being worn (such as scratches on the resin or dings/scratches in the metal), damaged, or has been altered.
  • If a product is personalized (such as a ring box), it can not be returned for a refund, unless the product is broken upon receipt or a mistake was made on our part with the personalization. 


All Rings that need to be exchanged for a new size will be done for FREE on the first attempt. Buyer pays postage to ship back to us. See below for instructions. If the ring requires more than one size exchange, there will be a fee of $20. The majority of our customers will never pay a resize fee of $20, so don't worry too much about that. If you need guidance on how to select the correct size, please see our FAQ page

Rings returned for a new size MUST NOT show any signs of being worn, damaged, or being altered.  If the rings do show signs of being worn, damaged or altered, there will be an additional fee. 

If you ordered the wrong size, follow the 3 steps below. Once we receive the ring back in the mail, we will begin working on the correct size, and then send the new ring to you ASAP.  

Please Note: We do not make alterations to the original rings received.  Instead, we send new rings in the correct size. 


1) Return your ring (via - costs about $2.80 or your preferred carrier) in a padded envelope to:
13239 Briar Hollow Dr. Austin, TX 78729

**Make sure to put a note inside the return envelope with your name or order number, and the new size that you need**

2) Once we receive the ring we will exchange the ring for a new one in the correct size ASAP.

Please note: If this is your second or third attempt to resize your ring (less than 2% of all customers) go to this link below to pay the resizing cost of $20. MAKE SURE that you submit your ORDER NUMBER, AND THE NEW SIZE that you need in the special instructions box when placing your resizing order. Also, put a small note inside the return package:



The deer antler inlay is covered by a 60 day warranty (from date of receipt) from any wear and tear. If the ring has a structural issue within this time frame, we will fix it for free. We limit the warranty to 60 days because we cannot control the activities that people are partaking in with their rings on. The Tungsten is guaranteed, should not break, and is covered with a Lifetime Warranty, with a small replacement fee if it does break. If the Tungsten breaks, we will replace the ring for a small fee of $30, plus taxes and shipping.  Scratches are not covered, and metals can scratch, but Tungsten is VERY difficult to scratch. 

After 60 days (from date of receipt) if your deer antler inlay, wood, and/or resin coating is damaged, we truly offer you peace of mind, and do our best to give all that we can to keep you as a happy customer! If your deer antler inlay, wood, and/or resin coating is damaged or broken after 60 days, but within one year of your date of purchase, we will replace your ring with a new one for only $50, plus taxes and shipping.  If your deer antler inlay, wood, and/or resin coating is damaged or broken within 3 years of purchase, but over 1 year, we will replace your ring for only $75, plus taxes and shipping. This is our way of showing our customers that we truly care about you, and want you to wear our awesome deer antler rings for a lifetime!

Links to pay replacement fees and instructions on returning the damage ring can be found here: 

PLEASE NOTE:  If any alterations have been made to the ring by an outside source, the warranty will be voided. 


Antler Rings should be kept out of direct sunlight/heat for any long periods of time, and should be removed when using strong chemicals (including hand sanitizer) and other abrasive substances. They should also be removed when washing hands, showering, swimming, dish washing, or partaking in any water activities. As with most jewelry, we would advise that you remove your ring when you plan on doing anything that may cause harm to the jewelry, including heavy lifting. These rings are made from organic materials, and should be treated with special care. These are not your standard metal rings that you can treat with no regard. Take care of this one of a kind ring!  

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Size with a Jeweler

Size with a reputable jeweler or two and come to a conclusion on your correct size. There should also be a slight degree of resistance when going over the knuckle.

More information:

Limited Lifetime Warranty, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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