All rings with material inlaid (sealed under resin) are WATERPROOF. Shop for SUMMER! Plus, LIFETIME WARRANTY included with In-Stock Women's Engagement rings & In-Stock Men's Metal Wedding rings.

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Maintain your ring for a lifetime

caring for your antler rings

ring care guide

Our Antler style rings are made from natural and organic materials and should be treated with special care. They are definitely water resistant as they are sealed with a resin although water can still cause damage. When at all possible, we suggest doing the following things to ensure long lasting quality, and your antler rings can last a lifetime.

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Keep out of extreme heat or cold for any long periods of time
  • Remove when using strong chemicals and other abrasive substances (including hand sanitizer – Thanks 2020!)
  • Remove when partaking in any water activities where you will be submerging your hand in water such as: bathing, swimming, or dishwashing (that is right don’t do the dishes – you're welcome!)
  • Remove when doing anything that may cause damage including physical labor or heavy lifting

SUPER tough and are hypoallergenic! If you find yourself in a situation of sorts a Tungsten ring can also be cut in an emergency. Otherwise, regular hand washing with soap and water keeps these rings sanitized but try to stay away from harsh chemicals, so they don’t lose their luster. Men's Tungsten Rings with resin sealed interiors are very tough and highly durable. These are the overwhelming majority of most of our men's in-stock rings. Any tungsten rings that are solely tungsten (no antler/wood inlay) have extreme durability and are completely waterproof.

Wood rings from our in-stock collection which are sealed under resin are highly durable and definitely water resistant. Wood rings from our Made to Order collection are made from natural materials and will require some special attention to keep your ring in good shape. Since they are not sealed under a resin coating, normal handwashing is totally fine but please don’t submerge your ring in water.

These rings are made to last through all your rugged activities and are hypoallergenic. A little soap and water is all they need. Titanium ranks high on the Mohs scale and is harder and more durable than precious metals like gold, but it's still substantially softer than tungsten. Titanium is far less scratch-resistant but will not crack however and is far less brittle than tungsten carbide rings.

Our Titanium engagement rings have a screw on mount. If you are able to find a local jeweler who can build a new mount for these rings, then the current one (with the CZ) can be removed and replaced with the stone of your choice. 

These rings love a good handwashing with mild soap and water. As with all stainless steel, harsh chemicals, chlorine, and deep-sea fishing (salt water) are NOT friends so keep them apart if possible. 

Pure carbon fiber rings are the ultimate in durability. They don't require any maintenance and can take almost anything you throw their way, even though they're chemical resistant! If your ring gets scratched or chipped you can very simply buff it out with sandpaper.

Wash with mild soap and water. Gold will scratch with wear although you can always take it to a jeweler to be buffed out if it bothers you.

You can safely clean turquoise jewelry with warm soapy water, but it should never be cleaned using steam or ultrasonic cleaners. Some of the stone has been treated to improve its surface appearance and this treatment will wear off if you use harsh chemicals like solvents that could damage your piece over time!

Below are some cleaning products that you shouldneveruse on your rhodium-plated sterling silver jewelry. Our In-Stock Engagement Rings are made with Sterling Silver.

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Anything abrasive
  • Toothbrushes or toothpaste
  • Polishing cloths for silver or gold

Harsh chemicals can damage your jewelry, whether it's sterling silver or rhodium-plated. Although the metal is durable against scratches but you don't want to use them on top of plating that may peel away due harsh chemical cleaners with too much detergent which will leave behind dark stains caused by dissolved metals in water.

Antler Rings will last a long time and even a lifetime if they are properly cared for. It's one reason why rugged men, women and hunters love them, they can get wet and still last. And in addition, for good measure, we offer an industry leading warranty to our customers. On top of that, with every Antler Ring, we send a sleek stainless steel backup wedding ring for free, in case you plan to do some rough stuff around the garden/yard/ranch with your hands, heavy lifting, etc.

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