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About Our Antler Products

Choosing your engagement ring or wedding band is a special opportunity to find a ring that fits your personality and style. Your ring should represent you and your passion. Here at Antler Rings we want to help you find the perfect one for yourself and your loved one.

We have crafted so many different designs to fit any style. From traditional to bold, we’re sure there is something you’ll love.

Our rings crafted with antler are one of a kind. Each ring is sourced from naturally shed antler and a variety of other materials. The grain of the antler varies giving every ring a different look. We offer the ability to choose your desired look by working with our customer service team to ensure you’ll love your ring.

Heavy grain gives the look of a depth and contrast with lots of variation in the striations. Grain has a multitude of colors as well. Some grays, browns, blacks, and even some rusts and brown colors can show through naturally.

Or if you’re looking for a solid white antler, or one with minimal grain there are some ring styles in particular you might like including: The Amistad Antler Ring or our women's Ladybird Antler Ring

Whatever you prefer, we can send you photos directly to you so you can handpick the right ring for you. 

If you have a strong preference for the shade of antler grain, please include this information in the Special Instructions box located in your cart. We will go through our currently available rings to find the ring that best suits YOU.