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Dark Wood Swivel Lid - Ring Box

MSRP:$ 41.99

$ 25.87

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Product Description

This ring box would be a perfect alternative for traditional ring pillow, especially for those who prefer a little more rugged and outdoors feel for their wedding, as opposed to the traditional and frilly. This ring box is made from wood and easily swivels open.  

  • Due to the natural nature of these boxes, each box will measure a little different.  However, the box measures approximately:
    • Height: 3 in
    • Width: 2.5 in. 
    • Center/Ring Hole: 1.5 in. in diameter and 1 in. in height (Can easily hold both rings) 
  • Moss included in each box


  • Keep box in dry location.  Moisture can cause damage and mold.
  • Do not expose box to long durations of extreme heat.
  • Lid should only be twisted. Do not lift up on the lid or push down upon lid once opened.  This will cause damage. 


  • The wood is a natural product; therefore, perfection is not guaranteed.  There may be small nicks or variations in the bark
  • Rings must be purchased separately

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