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What's so special about Antler Rings and why should you choose one?

What's so special about Antler Rings and why should you choose one?

Diamonds and gold are the traditional choices for jewelry. However, there is a rising trend in earthy and natural jewelry and accessories such as antler rings. Crafted with love and passion for nature and individuality, antler rings are unique, beautiful and earth friendly. So what is so special about these rings and why should you get one for yourself?

1. In Tune with Nature

Antler Rings Engagement Rings in Nature

Since our rings are crafted from naturally fallen antlers, this means that the animals did not suffer or were in any way harmed just for the sake of the rings. Thus, antler rings are very much eco-friendly and the perfect ring for those who are concerned about the welfare of animals and the planet.

Each ring holds the unique markings, pattern and texture of the antler it was derived from. Due to these natural differences, no two antler rings will ever be identical.

2. Personalized and Special

What is so special about antler rings is that they are never identical to any other ring. Due to natural differences in color, texture and pattern, every antler ring is a unique piece of art on its own. If you are the type who wants a piece that stands out and reflects your unique personality, then an personalized antler ring is the answer to your desire and beyond.

3. Designs to Fit Every Taste and Style

Antler Rings Womens Enagagement Rings

No matter what your taste or style is, you can always have a piece of antler jewelry to fit your preference. You may choose to wear just the antler in its natural form or have precious metals, from rose gold to platinum, and a stone shape to accent or complete the antler jewelry. With the natural and earthy qualities of antler, the possibilities are endless and can easily adapt to fit every taste and style.

From rose gold to silver, you can easily have the perfect ring to fit every taste and style. Whether you are after something casual to pin or something elaborate for an antler wedding, engagement or prom, there is an antler ring design for you.


4. Symbolism of Strength and Renewal

Antlers symbolize strength, resilience and renewal. Every year, deer shed their antlers and grow new ones. Thus, our rings serve as reminders of your own strength and ability to rise above every adversity. This natural symbolism adds more depth and value to your jewelry than just the beauty of it, and makes a strong statement for an antler wedding.

5. Unique Conversation Piece

An antler ring always makes for an interesting and unique conversation piece. Its distinct natural beauty and interesting origin would inevitably come up in any conversation about the ring. Most people would ask questions about the origins and meaning of the antler ring and this is your chance to share your love for natural and earth friendly jewelry. After all, it is said that people will not remember the things you said or did, but they will remember the way you made them feel.

6. Ideal for the Nature Lover and Outdoor Type

If you fancy the great outdoors and love nature and adventure, then antler rings are ideal jewelry for you. Due to their natural earthy qualities, antler rings are growing in popularity among those who cherish and love nature such as hunters, hikers and outdoor types. Carry a piece of the wilderness with you wherever you go with your very own handmade antler ring.

7. They're a Growing Trend

Antler rings are trending in the jewelry world. As more people look for alternatives to traditional rings, they are turning to unique, nature-inspired pieces. By choosing an antler ring, you can be a part of the growing trend of people who appreciate sustainability, originality, and handcrafted jewelry.

Get an Antler Ring

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Antler rings are beautiful, natural pieces of jewelry that can be personalized and symbolize something unique. They’re the per

fect order for people who want to stand out and have a piece of jewelry that differs from the norm, and look stunning with any metal bands such as sterling silver or rose gold. Whether you want a antler wedding band, a gift, or just something new for your collection, antler rings are stunning pieces to showcase that will impress anyone who sees them.

View our antler rings for sale and order your dream piece that reflects your tastes and interests. Send one to a friend! Bring the beauty of nature to your fingertips with an antler ring. They’re symbols of strength, resilience, and individuality.