Steve vs. Arizona Bull Elk - Down for the Count October 20, 2015 21:25

Steve is a recent customer of ours who took down this beautiful Bull Elk! This was a heck of a chance at a once in a lifetime hunt. In Arizona, Elk tags are HARD to come by to say the least. Steve has put in for a tag for the past 23 years, and this year, got his 3rd chance for the big score. 

He was pleasantly surprised when he crossed paths with this huge bull. Steve lost his wedding ring while he was quartering this Bull!!! So, thankfully he knew where to turn to replace his wedding band because his wife said he needed to get a replacement wedding band SOON! Cheers to Steve and his once in a lifetime hunt!

Steve from Arizona got a new Deer Antler Ring after shooting this Bull!


Cool facts about Elk: 

  • Elk will occasionally eat meat! Yes, that's right. Typically nesting birds and their eggs, nothing too crazy.
  • Elk are faster than most horses. Yep, about 45-55mph.
  • Elk can vertical leap over 8 feet.
  • Elk can breed with a Red Deer!
  • Mountain Wolves love to eat Elk - they are the favorite choice for dining.
  • Mountain Lion kill more Elk than any other predator

Our Story: How we turned just an idea into life long smiles for men & women who hunt, fish, ranch, farm, and love the wild outdoors! March 6, 2015 15:50

Men and Women who hunt fish










Welcome to our site and community of people that love The Wild Outdoors. Back Country inspired Camo Rings and Deer Antler Rings are where we put our gifts of "design and crafting". We have a deep and sincere love for nature, the outdoors, hunting and fishing, and just hanging out in the The Wild Outdoors with our family and friends. Out in rural areas, where no one can interrupt your clear focus on just being present in the moment with nature, that is where we are our best, and we bet that you are too!

We feel, this is the best place to be who we really are. Where you can just listen to the crickets, watch the stars, and feel the cool breeze on a spring morning, be one with God. That is what we call feeling at home.

stars and the cool breeze on a spring morningDeer antler ring

About Us - we ventured out and decided that it would be a really cool idea to help people like us. Hunters, fisherman, ranchers, farmers, and outdoors men & women now express themselves through lifestyle inspired wedding rings, and casual rings. 

Some folks don't understand us, and that's just fine, but we know where we come from! Towns where folks really care about people, and it's in those beautiful places where a man is only as good as his word. That is something special in today's world. With a symbol on your hand, you can now show the world what you really care about, who you are, what you value, and where you are from.

Before now, in our opinion, wedding ring and casual ring selection has benn very limited for those of us that love the outdoors and want to express our culture. But now, with what we are doing, a man or woman can walk down the street and show the world who they are (a Hunter, Fisherman, Outdoorsman, Rancher, Farmer), just by having our unique piece of the outdoors on their hand! How cool is that?!

We are helping to create something unique and never before seen! Now, in addition to putting the meat on the table for the family, pictures of the hunt, and a deer mounted on the wall for the proof of hard work and achievement, you can use those Deer Antlers on your hand in the form of an awesome ring!


father and son hunting

We continue the research and development today. So far, we have developed a large quantity of rings, that are high quality, custom made and feature beautiful Camo patterns, Metal Engraved Hunting Patterns, and of course, real Deer Antler Rings, that all go great as casual rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands. People really like them so far, and we customize them to your specific needs when you order.

We also realize that some people really love our products and what we do, but don't have the budget to spend $300-$500+ on a ring right now. So we are catering to what you need. We are designing many new Mens and Womens Rings! For the price, you cannot beat this deal, and this ring truly speaks to the personality of our friends, family, and customers.

If you are like us, give us some of your trust and try our ring below for starters, and tell us how you like it. Anyone can afford this ring, and it's worth so much more than the price. So, without further adieu, we want to say: WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!
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