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Antler Sunglasses

Antler Sunglasses
Antler Sunglasses

Genuine Antler & Buffalo Horn Sunglasses

We are unleashing our Genuine Antler & Buffalo Horn Sunglasses, and we have several new styles on the way to be ready and in stock by October for Christmas shoppers!

And to top it off, we've added sustainably sourced genuine Buffalo Horn as the actual frames, which makes these beauties around 90% ALL NATURAL. You can't find these anywhere else. We invented them for our committed hunters & outdoorsmen and women!

Check them out in hand and on your face resting assured we offer a 14-day NO HASSLE return policy on these puppies.

Natural and unique like you, different from the herd.

Sizing Guide

Size with a reputable jeweler or two and come to a conclusion on your correct size. There should also be a slight degree of resistance when going over the knuckle.

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Antler Sunglasses

Antler Sunglasses are small batch made and ready to ship.

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If you find that it's a bit dirty, we recommend just rubbing with a dry, soft cloth. If it is significantly dirty, you can use a damp cloth to clean, then dry immediately.