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The Palo Duro

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Product Description

    THE PALO DURO is the perfect accessory whether you are a fisherman, hunter, rock climber, or adventurer of any type, the love of the great outdoors unites us all! We are founded on the belief that the uniting forces of nature are deeply rooted in our soul. The joy of the great outdoors should be with you always whether you are enjoying a trout stream or hiking up a mountain, our antler ring will give you a constant piece of nature to take with you. Our Palo Duro is one of our best sellers for a reason. This handsome band features matte black tungsten and an antler inlay. Enjoy this piece of nature any where you go now and always.  This is definitely a must have! 

    About This Ring:

    • Material: Tungsten, Antler 
    • Color/Finish: Black Sandblasted 
    • Width: Men's Standard 6mm or 8mm (PLEASE NOTE: The 6mm width only goes up to size 13) 


    Other Benefits For You:

    • FREE ACTIVITY BAND with Purchase (a $55 value) - Stainless Steel Matte Grey or Black.
    • If you initially order the wrong size, NO PROBLEM, we'll exchange it FOR FREE!
    • Buy with Trust - Thousands of Happy Customers! See our Verified Customer Reviews by clicking the "Testimonials" tab!
    • Ready to ship FAST, so that you don't have to wait!
    • "Rock Solid Warranty Policy" - Included with purchase, no extra fees!
    • All Antlers Sourced Humanely - we only use naturally SHED ANTLERS!



      Questions about sizing? Please check out our FAQ page for details and important guidance.

      Do you like this ring, but wish it was a little thinner?  You're in luck - we will soon be coming out with a thinner, 6mm version of this ring.  It will soon be posted.  However, if you are interested in purchasing this ring prior to it becoming available on our website, let us know at 

      Important Notes:

      • Antler Grain Color: Just as each antler is 100% unique in texture and color, every product we make with antler will be the same. We offer a wide selection of grain colors to choose from. Some shades will be lighter/white, some will be darker, and some will be a mixture of both. Majority of our selection has a great mixture of both. We like to keep things detailed and unique. If you have a strong preference for the shade of antler grain, please include this information in the Special Instructions box, which can be found after you add the ring to your cart just below the picture of the product. When we fulfill orders, we will go through our currently available rings to find the ring that best suits your preference. If we do not currently have any rings available that fit your request, we will contact you to discuss alternate options. This may include waiting until other rings are ready to see if the color of antler you prefer is available. However, please be aware that this may delay the delivery of your ring. Also, since this is a natural product, we cannot guarantee perfection (that’s part of what we feel to be the appeal of using material from the wild!!). 
      • Black Tungsten: Tungsten is naturally a grayish color of metal and can not be made a black color.  Therefore, black tungsten is made by using a process which embeds titanium zirconium alloy (which is black) onto the surface of the tungsten.  Because of this, the black color may show wear over time and will be less scratch resistant than the naturally occurring grey colored tungsten.  For reference, tungsten carbide (which is noted to be the most scratch resistant metal), has a rating of 8.5 - 9 of the Mohs hardness scale and black tungsten is rated 6, which is still very strong, especially when compared to other metals such as gold and silver, which have a rating of 2.5 - 3.  

       About Our Antler Ring Collection:

      We offer the best quality and awesome Real Deer Antler Rings, for guys who like to hunt, and appreciate the outdoors! If you've been searching for that special, one of a kind ring for the hunter in your life, and are tired of looking at the same boring rings on different websites, or overpriced rings, we have you covered, and we can ship it to you fast.

      Our Real Deer Antler Rings will surprise and excite him, and every single one is 100% unique and hand made, something special. It will make a great special gift for birthdays, anniversary's, for his wedding band and much more.

      The Palo Duro is a hypoallergenic ring made of high quality Tungsten Carbide and will not scratch, crack, or break and is our most popular option for wedding rings.

      However, because these rings are made of genuine deer antler, it's so important to protect them so that they receive the longest life possible. You'll want to keep this ring out of water, out of sunlight for long periods of time, and take it off when doing heavy lifting, or anything that may damage the ring. Remember, this ring is made with natural materials and it's important to take precautions and good care of it.

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